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What Is Pay-per-lead Marketing?

Pay per lead entails payment only when a prospect inquiry is generated. It represents a novel approach in the field of lead generation.

Essentially, you pay for a lead in real-time when a potential client actively seeks your product or service.

This service is presently not applicable to all industries.

Looking to eliminate the risk from Email & SMS marketing?

Currently, businesses are investing substantial sums, running into thousands of dirhams monthly, or hiring a full-time SEO expert or digital marketing agency. They engage in email and SMS marketing to promote their website with the aim of achieving a first-page Google ranking. Despite these expenditures, there is no assurance of results. It’s akin to tossing coins against the wall with the hope that some will stick.

“If you’re in search of a Pay Per Lead program in Canada, Netwit can be of assistance. Pay per lead is the most cost-effective and low-risk approach available today!”

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