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Government Grants for Small Businesses

Explore Different Options Which May Help Your SMB


Google Ads Credit

Receive a $600 Google Ads Credit by making a $600 expenditure within 60 days. Ensure visibility when individuals search for products or services similar to what you provide.


Grow Your Business Online Grant

Submit an application for a micro-grant and gain access to e-commerce advisors who can assist you in transitioning to a digital presence, allowing you to capitalize on e-commerce opportunities.

Upto $10,000

Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits

Create awareness, engage donors, and enlist volunteers through the utilization of Google Ads. Google Ad Grants ensures that your message reaches individuals searching for nonprofits similar to yours.

Upto $15,000

Boost Your Business Technology

Submit a grant application to support the development of your digital strategy, and utilize funded work placements to aid in your digital transformation.

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