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Our SEO Process

Netwit is revolutionizing the traditional SEO business model by infusing technology and transparency into an industry where these elements are often lacking. Our goal is to provide a fast, affordable, and hassle-free SEO service.

Through a comprehensive investment in our service infrastructure, we maintain control over the quality of our work, ensuring competitive pricing for businesses and an attractive proposition for agencies seeking to markup prices. Our service is entirely adaptable, allowing clients the flexibility to manage specific aspects according to their preferences. If this aligns with your needs, please inform us.

For sustainable Google rankings, content plays a crucial role. Whether it’s fostering a user-based community or regularly updating blog content, Google favors websites with consistent and ongoing content publication.

As a result, we produce weekly blog content strategically designed to attract local organic traffic. This enhances the site metrics that Google considers for ranking, leading to steady growth in our targeted keywords.

On-Page Optimization

Another crucial element of SEO involves addressing any technical issues present on your site, as well as optimizing pages, posts, and categories for your desired keywords. We take care of the entire process on your behalf. Our optimization team meticulously examines your site, resolves any technical issues, and seamlessly incorporates your target keywords throughout your website.

Kindly be aware that we offer comparison reports for optimization rather than detailed, itemized change reports. Achieving the latter is not feasible within our current price structure.

High-Quality Backlinks

The concluding element of SEO involves backlinks. In the SEO sector, numerous services promote budget-friendly links in large quantities, often via blogs, directories, and forums. However, this approach does not contribute to long-term SEO.

Certain agencies employ a strategy known as a ‘Private Blog Network,’ utilizing sites owned by the agency. Essentially, this entails renting a link that can be revoked at any moment. We strongly discourage this practice.


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