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About Cloudera

Positioning itself as a key player in offering platform software, Cloudera events foster innovative thinking and bring together data professionals who share similar goals.

How do we put together Cloudera events?

Over the recent years, we have partnered with Cloudera to orchestrate their events. We seamlessly connect all essential activities, ranging from event management to generating attendance, ensuring a maximum result rate. Our specialties lie in targeting the right audience, sending out invitations, and skillfully qualifying attendance, aspects in which we take great pride.

What we do differently?

Uniting the right individuals is a fundamental factor in the success of any event. Our motto revolves around accomplishing this goal, and we spare no effort to ensure its realization.


About Nutanix

Nutanix events, spanning multiple countries and enjoying a global presence, center around fostering public interactions and engaging audiences with their innovative cloud computing software solutions.

Result Rate

We have organized events for them throughout the GCC with an impressive attendance rate of 80%. Our recent conference in February was especially successful, drawing nearly 500 attendees. We initiate preparations a month in advance, allowing us sufficient time to send out invitations, conduct necessary follow-ups, and verify the number of participants attending the conference.

Objective Achieved

Our primary focus for Nutanix events is to reach the right audience. Regardless of the complexity of the objective, it is our exceptional management skills and data competency that enable us to ensure guaranteed result rates for their conferences.


About Informatica

Informatica stands as one of the foremost enterprise cloud data management companies globally. Their advantage lies in their data integration software and customer support programs, distinguishing them as key players in the market.

Characteristics of Informatica Events

Informatica events encompass distinctive features in the form of technological advancements and valuable networking opportunities. Comprehensive event management plays a crucial role here; we ensure maximum event participation and make concerted efforts to provide any other necessary support throughout the process.

Objective achieved

Successfully hosting such a large-scale event essentially demands putting forth maximum effort in coordinating budgets, activities, and last-minute conference preparations.

About Veeam

Veeam is an information technology company specializing in the development of backup, disaster recovery, and intelligent data management software.

Event Execution

Providing enhanced value and creating a superb experience for attendees is at the heart of Veeam events. We assist in orchestrating events from inception to conclusion, with a focus on reaching the right professionals. Our success lies in bringing together a community of innovative thinkers who actively engage with each other in a creative and interactive manner.

The Rate of Success

The goal was to organize a comprehensive conference aimed at providing a learning and communicative experience to the attendees. The success rate reached an impressive 85%, marking the event as a tremendous success.

About ExaGrid

Recognized as the “Hyper-convergence Company of the Year – 2018,” ExaGrid stands among the top disk-based backup hardware companies worldwide. With a clientele exceeding 11,000 enterprise customers, ExaGrid events provide an ideal platform to stay updated and gain insights into the company’s specialized and innovative solutions.

Event Attendance Management

Securing maximum participation necessitates consistent and assertive follow-up with interested and potential attendees. We employed both online and offline methods to enhance event attendance and reduce no-shows. Monitoring daily reporting and registration statistics played a pivotal role in augmenting the success rate.

Level of Performance

The goal was to organize a comprehensive conference aimed at providing a learning and communicative experience for the attendees. The success rate reached an impressive 85%, marking the event as a resounding success.

About Injazat

Injazat, a government entity in Abu Dhabi, is a recognized market leader in the region for Information Technology, including areas such as IoT, Blockchain, and managed services.

Management of Event (Project)

Accumulating a wealth of material is merely the initial step. To transform it into an effective marketing tool, Injazat planned a CEO SUMMIT. Eventex assisted in inviting delegates shortlisted by Injazat through coordinated efforts, including brochure mailing, calendar invites, and regular follow-ups.

Performance of work

Being results-oriented with our goals enables us to concentrate on how each objective will impact the outcome. We achieved the participation of 24 CEOs from the government sector overall.


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