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VPS Hosting Benefits

Acquire a dedicated server that is flexible, well-managed, and efficient in handling your website’s data.

Domain Manager

Secure a portfolio of domains and rest assured that no external threats will harm your site.

SSL Certificates

Establish secure online channel for resilient, private content delivery to customers.

WordPress Toolkit

User-friendly interface for WordPress: Install, configure, clone, remove, backup, and websites.

Imunify AV

Netwit also provides you with an intelligent antivirus and security tool for your website, featuring one-click automation for cleaning.

Resource Protection

A well-structured infrastructure to safeguard all your website data and guarantee its utmost privacy with Netwit.


Meet your website’s requirements with the scalable features of the server, enhancing reliability in the market.

Sections and wrapper can be manage easily

High Quality Managed Cloud

Netwit provides top-notch managed cloud VPS for your website, assisting in the entire process of bringing your site online and generating numerous leads.

The efficiently managed system of our cloud VPS operates autonomously, relieving you from the effort of manual management. It aids in boosting organic traffic to your site.

These services are particularly beneficial for business owners embarking on their digital and email marketing journey. Additionally, they offer support to those lacking the knowledge to maintain a website.

Managed VPS Plans

Opt for the most suitable website plans based on your site’s requirements and become the master of the internet’s busiest website.

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